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Through our works, Shiksha Videsh has worked to create a more peaceful and just world. Our education, development, and exchange programs help people find their way. With the help of our staff members, we connect people with their communities. At the same time, our program helps to strengthen the institutions that go-ahead to become the foundation of a democratic society and forge relationships between different cultures.

Shiksha Videsh Educational Consultants has the vision to make your dream a reality, and for this. We want to reach out to aspiring students and provide them with the necessary guidance help and support to fulfill their goal of becoming a doctor.

To build knowledge about medical, educational opportunities available abroad. Provide all the required detailed information on medical education opportunities abroad.

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Best Countries to do MBBS: You can see and read about the different countries which are providing MBBS at very best and affordable prices and you don’t need to worry as we give you full information about country as well as about their structure. Eligibility to do MBBS in different countries: We provide you best and simple way of information that you need to know for the eligibility criteria to join different colleges or universities in different countries. Advantages and Disadvantages of doing MBBS in different countries: Everything has its advantages and disadvantages so we provide you with all the things clearly for you in a perfect manner to clear your doubts about doing MBBS in any country.

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Yaroslav State Medical University

Bashkir State Medical University

Bashkir state medical university

Altai State Medical University

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